The network society design

network society Design by citizen

The most significant force of change in our society today is the social innovation driven by networking and information technology. With the advent of new digital tools, we can create new digital identities and societal powers. Similarly, new platforms can generate communities and dynamic knowledge larger than any region. Hence, the development and design of information tools and platforms are no longer just about information technology. It is about every small yet significant aspect of networked social design.

What are we working for?

Pursuing broader freedom through four types of activities

The main goal of social design is to enable people to explore and shape their lives within the broader societal context. We aim to research and advance four activities that promote a greater sense of freedom within the networked society. These pursuits will also integrate information tools and community platforms to enhance their effectiveness

Parallel movement

In a decentralized society, individuals navigate multiple spaces simultaneously. Social design empowers agencies to navigate oppression and foster autonomous lives.

Liberty association

Our model is a free and fluid network cooperative where every member contributes to mutually agreed-upon value processes through connections, accumulations, and exchanges.


Smart tools

Each information tool creates opportunities for social innovation, and pursuing societal values requires an innovative toolbox of information tools. We engage in bidirectional research and integration of smart tools.


Designing a collaboration platform is a social process where functionalities empower creative activities in decision-making, relationships, and execution within a community collaboration network.

Development Projects: Tools, Learning, Collaboration

Integrating technology and networking with human activities for innovative development.

Built on open-source technology, we integrate global AI & CI intelligence resources to create socially conscious smart tools deeply embedded in social innovation activities.

Exploring learning

As machine learning drives the explosion of interconnected network data and global integration, humans have new opportunities for cultural empowerment through learning and exploration.

The development of community platforms involves integrating social value creative and communicative activities with open-source software technology.